Southwest Village Reviews

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My kids...


Quiet place, many families, 2 pools. Pet friendly. Multiple laundry facilities on site with relatively new/ well maintained machines. Very Reasonable rent compared to others in this vicinity. Walking distance to casinos and various stores.

Built pretty sound proof. Ilike the design inside and out. The people who live here seem to get along, giving respect of privacy and space giving consideration that this is each other's homes as much as it is theirs. A sense of community. The landscape can be possibley in a process of change I believe if this community decides it would like to make this change. Maybe community gardens growing plants suitable to this climate. Bringing a sense of pride and productivity in growing some of one's own food. Just a good idea. To lift moral and to give those who live here that they have a say and some control in their neighborhood.


Terra Schaupp the manager wonderful. Had a problem she fixed ASAP. She really cares about us and has a great attitude. I am so glad she is here. Terra is an asset to your company. Don??t let her leave.

Nice and clean complex. A little confusing to locate apartments by the numbers! And having all the buildings look and almost all are the same doesn't help.

Very kid friendly complex. Cheap rent but income based.

Good management clean landscaping great location

Very respectful people, awesome apartments, thanks for the great service

My experience at the Southwest village apartments has been good. I have called management for things that needed to be fixed and things I couldn't figure out and they always had somebody at my apartment immediately even when it was after hours. All of management is polite and reliable but one of the front desk girls Felicia is especially great. She is on top of everything and will get it done if she says she will. The neighborhood isn't the best but the complex itself is mostly big families. The kids make noise outside during the day but nothing excessive. Over all I would definitely recommend it to somebody else

Hey! I had a brother in law living here, he really enjoyed his year there. My Fiance son cat and dog and i are moving in january of 2014, signed the lease last week, the apartment floorplan is gorgeous, i saw happy children playing outside, and smiling maitenance as they did thier work! the office ladies are heart warming and filled the office with jokes and laughter. i am very much so looking forward to moving in, and i have no doubt that any negative commentary about the office ladies is BULL and as far as noises go, well YOU LIVE WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE AROUND YOU it's bound to get a bit noisey from time to time. will be writing another review 6 months after my move in date!

I lived here for a year and will probably be back. I found out about the place from a friend living there, he was happy there - I ended up getting a place there and then renewing my lease. They were really fair about my pets. ANYTIME I had a problem they took care of it, I understand it is under new management that is used to be a bad place. But I'm a SWF and had zero issues. Anytime I had a problem with an appliance it was either fixed or completely replace that day!!! The girls in the office are REALLY nice. It's not the WOW apartments of Reno but for $450 + electric only it was safe and clean. Having my own air and heat in addition to double pain windows made it efficient and comfortable. There are some odd balls around but nothing like most cheaper apartments like those towards Virginia Lake! I had one neighbor issue with excessive partying and noise, they were a lot of issues apparently - boom they were gone Southwest Villages as of 2012-2013 does not mess around, they evict unruly tenants and that is VITAL in cheap apartments! I got most of my deposit back when I moved out and they were really nice about my move out. Only downfall was pool and wash rooms closed at 5pm, and the wash rooms didn't work properly - no hot water in washers so I just washed at a place on Moana.